Becoming Aware of Limiting Routines


It is easier to navigate the day through pre-established routines. They enable us to limit unknown and move faster. The downside is it  can create a bit of numbness. As we are used to the same actions & places we no longer see them or pay attention to them. Our presence is no longer required as things become automatic. We thus turn off our attention to what is and lose contact with reality.

Life is in every present moment. It might be difficult to be present in every single of them. However, becoming conscious not to turn off our light is the first step to connect back with life.

Slight changes offer immense rewards. There are hundreds of ways to break our routine: taking a different route to work, walking or using the bike, having lunch in a park instead of in front of our computer, trying different gym/yoga classes, getting out of the city for half a day, conducting a meeting in a different way, etc... Difference will bring back our attention to the present moment and we suddenly feel the rush of life and contentment. 

The other day I was driving in between 2 meditation workshops I was conducting. Took a side road and fell upon the river on this picture. Lunch on its bank offered immense joy and peace that accompanied me all day. Had I taken the habitual road I would have missed this moment of life.

How are you going to create magic in your day today?

With my heart