Sources Of Anxiety

Anxiety is the scourge of our times. A normal reaction to stress, it is a feeling of worry, fear and unease. Short-term stress and anxiety might help boost productivity or overcome a hurdle. However, undergoing continuous daily stress will only start damaging our body and mind. Over worrying creates depression and thought process becomes irrational.

Stress sneaks into our daily routine if we are not conscious of it and becomes the filter through which we live our day. It could be created by colleagues at work, job dissatisfactions, kids, or even what meal to prepare.

Diminishing daily stress level will decrease anxiety and its various side effects.

Here are some suggestions for a less stressful day:
*Too much "Tomorrow" and not enough "Now": Stress and anxiety are generally related to thoughts in the future. Coming back to the "Now" moment and living a "now" moment after another will vanish any residue of stress.

*Create moments of Pause: when we pause, we create detachment from thoughts and realise everything is ok. Literally visualise that you are taking a step back from the event or the thought that is creating your anxiety.

*Focus on the Breath: when viewing the present moment through each breath we become detached from the event, observers at first. 

By reducing the daily pressure we put on our shoulders and by welcoming the day as it is, we will gain more clarity and a better perspective of each event. We will then be able to chose the adequate action for challenges we might be facing.

With my heart