We all Face Challenges

We try to do our best when facing daily private and professional challenges. Some days they increase in intensity and some periods become more difficult than others to manage. Resisting these challenging moments or shoving them down will only damage our inner balance and deplete our energy. The best way to  reduce the grip of challenge on our lives is to accept the moment as it is and either to pass through it or to transcend it. Remaining behind arduous moments and wishing things would be different will only increment the tension.

Assessing and observing our own behaviour in front of a challenging situation is the key to changing our habits:
- do we resist the event,
- do we have an intense inner conversation and get hooked on our thoughts,
- does this event occupy 90% of our mental space and create difficulties to put it in perspective,
- do we have negative thoughts that don't serve us and make the situation even grimmer?

Facing the issues and modifying small habits here and there will enable us to move through challenges with a lighter heart and more clarity.

With my heart