Slow Attitude

Everything is becoming faster, our days fuller, agendas rushed, our mind excessively busy and our body overwhelmed. Regardless of our fast pace and efforts, we have the impression of still lagging behind and trying hard to hold things together. This extreme business attitude is also transmitted to our children creating an overactive generation not knowing how to deal with a moments of non activity.

Continous acceleration is toxic and reduces our quality of life. Creating variety of rhythms will only enhance its quality. Forging moments of pause or concentrating on one element we are doing rather than constant multi-tasking, will alleviate the pressure. Having moments in which we slow down doesn't mean we are becoming slow, falling behind or missing something. On the contrary, it enables us to taste life more fully and become aware of what is surrounding us. 

It can be a minute of pause just concentrating on the breath, an hour of no internet access, a half a day of concentrating on one single task at a time or a WE going off grid. No matter what we chose, becoming aware of the need for a pause and its benefits is the beginning of changing our busy habits. 

With my heart