A Smile Takes us a Long Way

How often do we smile during a day? How regularly do we greet a stranger, a passerby, a colleague, a neighbour with a smile? Moreover, how often do we smile to ourselves, our life, our daily surroundings? I believe the answer is not quite often. 

When we smile, we automatically shift our awareness to the present moment and feel connected with our surrounding. This action of openness creates a pause in the flow of our thoughts. In that instant of silence, we just relax. 

Through our smile, people surrounding us not only feel this openness but also sense its benefits internally. This precious moment of stillness and awareness created between us, even if it lasts less than a second, establishes a deep shift. We realise all is well, that the dark and limiting thoughts are just thoughts, and that our attitude and openness are key to changing and transforming our lives. 

Making it become a daily habit, we can observe how we felt before the smile and what happens right after it, how our perspective shifts and how we position ourselves in our lives.