Silence has become a rare luxury in today's world of movement, noise and constant stimulation, . The hustle and bustle of city life creates not only an outer agitation but also galvanises an inner tension. 

Living in today's cities is an enriching experience. However, in order not to get absorbed in its whirlpool of perturbation, we need to cultivate an inner silence. If we are unstable and unbalanced inside, we are most probably subject to the outer flux of events. Things will touch us more than they should.

A silence that comes from the heart creates a new inner space to enjoy when the outer events become tough and difficult to deal with. We can talk whilst we are enjoying the silence of our heart. We can work or be engaged in various activities whilst experiencing it through the silence of our heart. This new space will bring a certain separation from the outer events, resulting to more inner harmony and peace. 

To try and develop this space, bring to your daily habits meditations such as mindful eating, mindful drinking, mindful walking, etc... Every time, concentrate on the action and try to be fully present. Observe for example the taste of the each bite, the movement of various parts of your body, combination of breath and chewing for example. These exercise will start creating your inner silence and soon you'll feel a new shift.

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