A Slight Change Can Make a Huge Difference


A small shift in thought, behaviour or our energy can open our lives to a new world of lightness, ease and unlimited possibilities. Even something as weightless as a feather can clear away the unsurmountable past. We are seldom attentive to how each molecule in our body, each thought, emotion, action and word can shape our lives. Often the feeling of helplessness in our own lives makes us believe the current state of frustration and limitation is meant to be. Consider changing one small belief, expectation or concern and see how the Universe responds back. Our body is made of an awe-inspiring dance of molecules at each moment. A perfect balance and harmony at all times. We have forgotten to extend this dance to the outer shell. As a consequence, we become rigid in our body and mind and we make our life a constant struggle. As Walter Miller once said, "we don't have a soul, we ARE a soul, we have a body." A power exercise during this festive period, surrounded by family and loved ones, is to be fully present in the now. For a few moments, try to be present within the moment and not in your mind and thoughts. Don't analyse every word or action, just be appreciative of the moment, whatever it is. Try having an inner smile at any moment you are surrounded and simply observe the shift in attitude of those surrounding you. With my heart, I wish you peaceful holidays.