Getting Lost


Sometimes we might have the impression that regardless of all the bless surrounding us we are not happy. We feel trapped in a cycle and don't seem to be able to come out of it. As the loop becomes bigger and heavier, we tend to feel guilty and start an inner war. It becomes simply a vicious circle.

Getting lost is normal and a part of our functioning. To recentre ourselves the first step is to be aware of the loop in which we are and observe the strip of thoughts. As soon as we become the observer instead of the actor we step out of the loop. The second step is to dissolve the latter. It is by becoming aware of the whole instead of a little section of the reality that we stop nourishing the cycle with our inner chitchat and finally dissolve it. 

Imagine walking in a beautiful forest in a beautiful spring day. Hundreds of birds are humming a beautiful melody and only one truly disturbs you. If you are lost in your mind, you'll concentrate only on the one annoying you. If you are back in your balance, whilst you feel the exasperation, you are able to decide where to concentrate your attention. Mainly the beauty of the song and the scenery. The disturbing noise becomes a background whisper.