Letting Go

On our road to happiness, it is not unusual to encounter a persistant and challenging obstacle. The primary reaction is to resist or try to dissolve it. However, the more we struggle, the more the hurdle becomes substantial. At one point its centre of gravity becomes so powerful that it fully absorbes us in its bubble. That is when, we solely live, breath, think and talk about this obstacle. It becomes our daily point of focus, the core of our attention creating stress and lack of clarity. Nothing else can matter or penetrate our life.

The absurdity of the situation is that the more we fight and try to circumvent it, the more we nourish and empower.
When we finally rest our armours and stop the fight, when we ultimately let go of the situation, we realise that the obstacle was just an interference at the beginning, inviting pause and reflection. However, our inner saboteur took a hold of it and made it bigger than what it truly was. Letting go creates a distance, revealing the insanity of our situation. Only from that specific point we can become conscious decision makers.

The action of releasing attachment to the hinderance will create space and open up a wider perspective, render visible the path, offer new solutions and encourage actions towards freedom.