We Nourish What We Put Our Concentration On

Why is it that when we look for a problem we find it? Why when we mistrust life or people we have life experiences reinforcing this belief? How can 2 people living the same experience have opposite takes of it? Is it bad luck, do we deserve it or do we simply create our life experiences? I believe in the latter.

A primary thought has no weight or importance and is meant to disappear as fast as it appears. When we start thinking about the thought and analysing it, we start a nurturing process creating a content; surrounding it with a meaning. The more we hold on to this thought through an inner conversation, the bigger it becomes. At one point it transforms itself into a belief and thus becomes one of the lenses through which we see life, people and events.

We do create the reality we put our mind and thoughts on. Our reality is a reflection of our beliefs. Our body language and attitude carry their energy. The fastest way to change our present condition is to tackle our beliefs and observe changes that occur. By observing what is not suitable in our reality and defining what belief is creating it, we become a decision maker for our future.

With all my heart,