Personal Responsibility

It has become a habit to search outside of ourselves for health, happiness, orientation and solutions. This outward quest has weakened our relation with inner wisdom and atrophied the muscles connecting us to our consciousness. Intuition is seldom heard and clarity is often missing. Lost in the meanders of our thoughts, we lose contact with our own intelligence and power.

Taking personal responsibility transforms the way we relate to what happens in our body and surroundings. It also gives us a new perspective to why our outer life isn't satisfying and how to unleash blocked inner desires. 
Delegating our best interest and life to an outer source and giving it power to define what is best for us, will often result in disappointment. 

The first step in taking responsibility is transforming the filter through which we see ourselves and our life. It is not transforming the self, simply cleaning the prism to have a better sight.

All we need to direct us towards a healthy body and a desired life already exists within us. It is a matter of learning and exercising how to tap in to it and magnify this inner power. 

With all my heart