Are you Happy with your Life?

Where do you place yourself on the happiness scale? Are you where you want to be in your relationship with others, yourself and work? Does your happiness depend on external factors or it is an underlying element within?
Are you satisfied with where you are? What choice are you going to you make now? Are you willing to continue your life as it or do you aspire a shift?

Observing closely our life, we notice that 80% of our thoughts and actions are conditioned habits. The place of birth, language, parents, educational system, past experiences, as well as who you believe you are, have come together to create the life you are presently living. 

In order to create change outside, you need to change something from the inside.

It is not necessary to take drastic actions, start with small transformations of your habits and thoughts and observe how it shifts your reality. If you feel a latent sadness or anger, try smiling constantly and observe the effect on yourself. If you feel stressed, pause every hour and concentrate on one single cycle of long breath. Small changes will open a new space and little by little unroot some deeply installed beliefs and habits.

With my heart