To Change Your Life, Change the Context

To create change in our lives we often change its content. We switch activities, vacation spots, coaches or mentors we follow. We can even go the extreme of changing partners and countries. However, none of this restyling brings a true and freeing transformation in our lives.

The reason is we are focusing on details contained in the space in which we evolve. Whatever we chose, we will remain in the same space and thus create similar unsatisfying results. When we work on expanding the space, we are going to shape true transformation.

Concentrating many times during the day on one single cycle of breath (5 counts of intake, pause, 5 counts of expiration, pause), will help expanding this space and induce moments of clarity and deep intuition. These are the moments through which we can face what creates our disappointment and decide how we want to get out of it. We will no longer need to pursue outer modifications. Inner change will walk us towards the shift.

With my heart