Unlimited Paths

Imagine a beautiful red box on a table. It is precious and valuable and you take a focused care of it.
Now zoom out of that image and exit of your building, go higher in the sky, you can now see the continents and the oceans, go out in the galaxy, continue zooming out. How does that precious box appear now?

The more you zoom out, the more you realise that the box bears no longer the same importance and preciousness. It disappears in the vastness of the Univers. Now image that box is your present reality with elements that don’t suit you anymore. Instead of wishing things could be different, step out of the box and create the transformation you have always desired.

The boundaries of the box provide an illusion of control and stability, but limit the scope of your reality. Life is an unlimited field of possibilities. Suffice stepping into it and experimenting various paths to realise that a golden mine is at your disposal. Lets step today and walk towards a new reality. 

With all my heart,