Loving Kindness At The Work Place

Today, it is revealing difficult separating work and private life. They seem to have become more intertwined and overlapping. Limits become blurred and who we are at the office often affects how we are at home.

General attitude at work seems to have various degrees of fear, resistance, protection of self, distrust, confusion, anger, misunderstanding, conflict, etc. These are not enablers of clarity and constructive communication. What percentage of our work day is truly effective and productive? Do we feel fulfilled and satisfied at the end of the day? How do we feel physically, mentally and emotionally? I guess answers will tend mostly towards overall exhaustion, stress, frustration and lack of purpose.

A life of significance, is a life of purpose. It integrates all aspects of our life, work included. When work is considered as an obliged financial parenthesis, we spend an important part of our life in a senseless void. 

So lets make the hours we spend at work count as an enriching multifaceted experience fulfilling our life purpose and inner expansion. The shift starts with us when we observe our personal attitude.Transforming our perspective from self-protection and promotion to one centered around common objective, interest and well-being, creates quality communication and eases tensions. Clarity of mission, kindness, respect, less tense atmosphere and open communication can highly benefit each member.

Loving kindness at the work place is no longer a myth, but a personal as well as organisational decision.

With my heart