Creating New Habits

Holidays are not only wonderful for recharging batteries and discovering places. They also offer us the possibility to create new routines and forgo some old ones. Indeed, no place has the magical power to make us feel happier and less stressed. It is mainly our behaviour and reactions that lead towards relaxing moments rather than stressful ones. Our bodies are loosened up, we are less in a hurry, more open towards others and more accepting. 

However, we start losing ourselves once back to our daily routines and its bundles of stress and anxiety. A way to make endure the effect of our holidays, is to change some minor habits in our daily lives. By observing which behaviours had a relaxing impact one can integrate them into new routines and habits. For example if openness with people brought an easier communication, try creating a habit of putting your shoulders back and opening your chest when encountering others. This mindfulness and new position of the body will foster a new routine resulting in a wider openness.

Mindfulness enables us to create a more harmonious life and observe when we are directed by automatismes that no longer serve us. It give us the freedom of choice to recreate our habits.

With my heart