Personal & Professional Life Balance

A healthy relationship is based on being open and receptive to ourselves and others. When we start our day through fear and anger, we not only create impenetrable boundaries around ourselves, but also are closed to whomever we encounter. Defiance and distrust settle, powerlessness and discomfort ensue, 

Here are a few simple steps to create a better personal & professional life balance:

*Love Yourself: whatever you do or think don't beat yourself up. Become your best friend instead of your worst critic. Congratulate yourself for your achievements, appreciate where you are at, even in the midst of difficulties, become aware to yourself.

*Listen:  whole heartedly and fully present. Put your full attention on the conversation and not on your interpretation of it. However, listen also to what your body need and try to not push the limits. Remember, if you are healthy and sound, you will be a better version of yourself for the others. So take of yourself first.

*Open Up: Only good things can happen when you smile and have an open attitude towards yourself and others. Put your shoulders back, open your chest and walk towards others with an open attitude. This attitude will create less stress and more availability towards ourselves and others.

*Less Judgement: the inner discussion we have with ourselves is mostly noise forbidding us from being present in this moment. Try stopping the tendency to judge yourself and others and create space to allow the discussion flow. Reply through your aware presence with openness and lack of judgement.

*Less Expectation: It is often expected for things to go in a certain direction or people to behave in a certain manner. Well, often, that is not going to be the case. Infinite variables get intertwined at any moment to create an event or a reaction and the mind can not foresee them all. So instead of creating scenarios of how things and people should be, open up to how things are. It is the best place to take the next step from.

It takes a simple decision to change our habits as well as some hard work and consistency to implement the new ones. Enjoy the ride.

With my heart