Taking Care of What is Precious

Being blessed with people or situations we consider precious is a beautiful gift of life. It might be as rapid as a moment, a bit longer as a place in which we live or a work situation, or deeper such as health or love. The more precious that gift, the more fragile it is and requires constant attention and care. Each action, word and thought, visible or hidden, creates impactful ripples and, if one is not attentive, will first damage and eventually wither it.Taking care of preciousness requires pure love and consciousness of its fragility. 

By defining if someone or a situation is truly precious to us, we can become more aware of our actions, thoughts and words. It is not always simple to keep up our level of attention and can always restore back the balance.This is where honesty and truth will create clarity and energise the energy.  

Like the Little Prince in Saint-Exupéry, cherish your rose.

With my heart