Make this New Year Count

New years starts with a wish list of intentions, things we would like to change or do differently. However, a few months through the year, daily life takes over and the wish list lies forgotten in the bottom of a drawer. The reason change doesn't occur is that our habits, emotions and thought patterns do not change. Will-power alone is not enough to create lasting change. The latter occurs through observation of our habits and a conscious decision, not just the desire, to change. 

What is incredible is that once a habit is transformed profoundly, many of the wishes on the list become suddenly our reality. Desires are generally linked together by a common thread or habit that can also prevent their realisation. A soft shift in that thread can unlock the door.

Every "now" moment is unique and without recurrence. Lets take this new list and commit to making all the elements on it a part of your reality this year. It takes only a month for change to happen. Hope this year will be the start of a new action pattern correlating your reality with your dreams.