Dealing With Tensions

Tension has become an integral part of our lives, yet we don’t always realize it. We hold our breath and shut down our emotions. But burying our frustrations deep down can only weaken an already fragile situation. The sum of these tensions will eventually lead to a sense of powerlessness or anger.

How we feel on the surface is only the tip of the iceberg. Tensions affect deeply our body and its balance. Just imagine having your arms pulled in opposite directions at all times. One day they will come out of their socket. Symptoms could be headaches, lack of energy, stomach burn, digestion problems, weak immune system...

The way we react to an event creates tensions. We automatically put ourselves at the center of that situation; which restrains our mindset. If the event takes place outside our comfort zone, an entire alarm system is activated and creates resistance.

You can easily get rid of that tension. Simply take a step back. Distance yourself from the center and depersonalize the event. It will not only bring clarity, but also widen your perspective.

With my heart