Focus Improves Our Lives

We live in a busy and noisy world in which overfilling our time has become a destructive habit. It gets worse in the corporate world. Days are squeezed with back to back meetings and very little time to focus.

Multitasking results in quantity, focus in quality. Our mind is capable of driving, listening to music and talking on the phone at the same time. However, our presence has been divided between the tasks and our attention. We are active but we are not taking part in what is being done.

Focus is the ability to concentrate on a single task. The more we learn how to focus, the more we get rid of the unnecessary tasks and the more time we have at our disposal.

Studies show that multitaskers tend to be increasingly tired, irritated and frustrated. More importantly they have difficulties being focused. On the other hand, those who have learned how to focus are further energised, succeed in accomplishing tasks faster and can maintain a constant level of attention.

Meditation is one tool amongst others and it helps the mind stop rattling around. Little by little focus becomes a habit. We start eating, walking, showering, driving, working, and simply being through focus. Our days will be filled with a higher quality of life as well as a sense of purpose.

With my heart