What You Focus On Grows

Have you noticed the recurrence of identical events in your life? Even if you desire a change your reality seems the same. The reason: our beliefs create the reality in which we live. Outer experience is the reflection of inner experience. If, for example, we feel deep solitude our attitude and body language will unconsciously keep us afar of any connection to the world. It will automatically created resistances to keep us isolated. We might desire more connectivity. However, our belief creates a gap between our desires and how we live.

This is true for almost every aspect of our life. From health habits, to personal and professional aspects, our believes simply govern us. Change happens when core believes are transformed. Beliefs are born through conditioning and past experiences. They create an spontaneous response preventing us to see events through a fresh perpective. We repeat the past as we use tools of the past to understand our present.

In our example; looking for connectivity instead of loneliness; we need to switch our focus to openness instead of closeness and distrust. Concentrating on our new belief every day, little signs of change will occur. They will encourage us on this new path.

We are creators of our reality.The good news is that we have the power to alter it.

With my heart