Are Thoughts Trouble Makers?

Whatever issue we are facing starts with a thought. It relates to something that took place in the past or the fear of an unknown future. The thought has nothing to do with this present moment. 

We start getting absorbed by that primary thought and produce other thoughts in support of it. The inexistant event starts existing and creates a loop. The more we analyse and dwell upon it, the more we expand the loop. We created something out of nothing and spend a fair amount of time trying to understand it.

Isn't it easier to simply walk through what created the reaction in us? It is not about what has occurs outside but what happens inside. In absolute, an outside event has no weight or value. It is through a fragmented perception that we give it a sense, thus value.

The first step towards a new habit of openness is not getting hooked on the initial thought. Just let it pass through without any resistance. Concentrate on the present moment, the now. This enables taking a step back and widening your perspective. Your actions will be based on a higher sense/intuition and no longer limiting thoughts.

With my heart