Change your Mind, Change your Behaviour


We have heard of the "beginner's mind"; looking at things or events for the first time. The mind is open, curious, listening is thorough and the attention high. Successively confronted with the same event or object thoughts and "knowingness" take charge. It eliminates curiosity and openness. 

For example, when newly hired, we have fewer judgements, encounters are interesting, we assist to meetings with curiosity and eagerness. We communicate in a more receptive manner and there is silence in our mind. Little by little, acquaintance with our new environment opens the door to thoughts and judgements. We lose presence while communicating, listen less and believe we already know what is going to be said. How does this slide happen?

The answer lies in the fact that our mind takes a picture of what was encountered the first time. Subsequently, in front of the same event, we create a relation with the image, not the reality. The first time we smell a rose we have a highly emotional experience. The second time we just pass by it. A rose is a rose. We already know everything about it.

Mind's functioning is a blessing as we do not need to learn how to use our phone every time. However, there are situations where choosing to have a "beginner's mind" help us be more present and act instead of react. People might present themselves in the same way over and over, however, their essence changes with every breath. An open mind enables to acknowledge the constant newness.

Changing our mind set changes our behaviour and thus the reality we create at each instant.

With my heart