Out of Depression, into Expansion

unlimited paths.jpeg

We are all familiar with depression, either through our personal experience or that of people surrounding us. Depression is a lack of pressure in our energy system. It is a wonderful inner message informing us it is time to pause and reconsider factors that have depleted our energy

Energy gets wiped out little by little. It happens when we resist what is, bottle up emotions and words & create a gap between our desires and the present reality. In short, when we enclose ourselves in a restricted and limited space. Life becomes a constant battle and people constraints to attaining our dreams and objectives. The more we fight and keep things inside, the more we use energy to hold all this together. We close up more and more and finally fall out of the flow.

The pause requested by a state of depression enables to realise the unconscious mental space in which we imprisoned ourselves. Once this witnessing occurs, it becomes easy to step out and expand. In this new space we have more air and light, lightness and lack of fear. From closeness and restriction we step into openness and expansion.

Next time you feel low, pause, witness the imaginary walls and step out.  

With my heart