Overcoming Difficult Situations


The most evident reaction to a situation deemed as difficult is retraction, resistance, fighting back, contracting our muscles and in short entering in defence mode. Every time we react like this our body undergoes a huge level of stress damaging its natural balance. At one point the ratio between relaxation and stress bends so much towards the latter that our body's simply break. Burn-outs, diseases, depression, sleeping disorders, immune system issues....the entire balance is shattered.

So we seek ways to relief stress. It generally works for a brief period & the roller coaster starts anew. The underlying reason why quick fixes are not a solution for long-term outcomes is that we treat the symptom instead of tackling the cause.

The way we see a situation labels it, creates a story around it. However, it is just a small fragment of the whole. Our mind is incapable os seeing the entire picture. Changing our mental story or mindset & having a wider perspective helps us to take a step back. Mind quiets down, the event is observed in silence and a conscious decision is made.
No need for stress, simple detached observation.

No thoughts....no dramas....no judgements....no stress.

With my heart