Problems are illusions of the mind


When the attention is focused on the present moment we realise that there is no problem. There exists a situation to deal with but it does not represent a problem. It becomes a trouble when we hang on to it and create a mental situation. Thought process becomes a loop, elements of past and future get attached to it and a simple fact becomes a huge problem.

Problems are created when we unconsciously step out of the flow and take refuge in our thoughts. The best technique to have a day exempt of problems is to:

* view the event without attaching emotions and "why" to it
*analyse where you are at this moment
*define some solutions
*chose one
*implement it.

If in that moment one of the steps is not possible, it means it is not the right time. Pause is required before coming back to the solution once more.

Lets start enjoying problem free days.

With my heart