Stop Running, Reflect.


Many problems could be solved if we just stop and, during a single breath, reflect on how we are engaging. We are often absorbed in the inner noise of our thoughts forbidding us to see with clarity and a wider vision. Our mind takes charge and we are in reaction instead of action. If the pilot is not in to decide on the new route, the autopilot goes round and round.

When we are in a dilemma, miscommunication, don't know what to decide, how to move forward, when exploding under the pressure..the key is to simply stop. Take a pause, come back to deep breaths and recenter. In that moment of inner silence we can chose the mindset through which to engage.

A mindset of judgement, resistance, duality & fear looks for the fault, is rigid, criticises, defends its assumptions and is protective. It has a or...or attitude.

A mindset of curiosity, openness and unity is open minded, inquisitive, comfortable with not knowing, flexible and capable of viewing several possibilities. It has a yes...and attitude.

It is obvious that the second one creates more engagement and opens our mind to possibilities and creative solutions up to now invisible. We have both mindsets in us and when exhausted or pressed, we tend to go automatically to the judgement one.

Taking a moment, observing where we are and deciding on the open mindset will prevent a lot of issues up-taking our precious time and energy.

With my heart