Stretch Your Limits, Become More Flexible

unlimited paths.jpeg

To train our muscles we need commitment, perseverance and a clear sense of purpose. Non used gym subscriptions are not a myth. They start with a good will and end lost in the business of our mid.

Training the mind and creating new habits require the same set of engagements.The reason why efforts are not conclusive depends on several factors:

*Lack of Commitment creates procrastination & false sense of priorities. You generally put yourself at the end of the do list. If you ever get to the end. Any reason distancing you from your goal is just an excuse. When you are truly committed nothing can side track you.

*Lack of Perseverance is a new habit of the current society. Immediate results are more enticing than sweating, patience and aiming for the long run rather than short pleasure. Some muscles need longer periods of training, don't abandon half way.

*Lack of Clarity is the missing cement to give us the power of persistence and diligent action. Action after action we get closer to our goal and see clearly where we are at.

It is only by stretching our limits that we realise how bigger and more powerful we are. Little by little it creates self belief that we are capable, can try new challenges and be open and flexible in front of the unknown.

Expansion enables creativity, induces fun and pleasure and takes us to spaces of unlimited possibilities.

With my heart