You Are What You Do, Not What You Say You'll Do

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This sentence, from Carl Jung, has been one of my sign posts since my early 20's. It has become ever more important as we are living in a fast moving world where technology offers unlimited possibilities & information. Anything conceivable is possible. Just imagine the extent of choices offered to us.

This abundance also complicates our lives as it touches the notion of choice. We often have millions of desires and curiosities, but are not able to choose. Thus, desires remain at an intellectual level, in our mind. We passively dream. As years pass by, accumulation of unsatisfied desires create sorrow, and sometimes bitterness.

Taking action is the best way to exit this circle of illusion. The first step is to declutter. Creating a list of what is truly important helps us establish a notion of value/priority. The second is to chose 2 to 3 desires and take action. If, for example, becoming more open is one desire, waiting for the right time is the trap. It'll never happen. Implementing openness right away in our daily routine makes it become our reality. By turning into our own observer we are able to evaluate the situation and take action having openness in mind. The initial steps might be clumsy and that is ok. However, we are walking on the desired path.

With commitment, perseverance and respect for our desires, little by little we become that which we have dreamed of for so long. 

With my heart