Private Coaching

rise above self-imposed limitations

It is about creating clarity & balance. You might have a specific goal or want to achieve a life of purpose and balance. You might desire less stress, anxiety and financial burden. 

Coaching will enable you to define these goals and create new habits towards a fuller life.

The purpose of Coaching is to guide you through what is limiting you at this moment. It might be lack of confidence, an unfulfilling career, undermining habits, burnout, lack of balance between professional and private life, desire for a new purpose or living a period of transition. 

It makes no sense to remain in an unfulfilling situation forbidding you to deploy your wings. Requesting the guidance of a life coach is the first step towards creating change and enabling new possibilities.

The sessions are held over Skype, Face Time, Viber or phone. They can be done in English, French or Italian. 

So wherever you are in the world, chose now to live a life reflecting your best self.

Executive Coaching

great leaders never stop evolving

PricewaterhouseCoopers report that coaching has a ROI of 7 to 49 times the initial investment.

Today’s leaders are confronted with volatile markets, aggressive competitors and disloyal clients.
Keeping internal teams satisfied and up to speed is challenging

This program enables leaders to develop a sharper vision, wider perspective and higher charisma.

A true understanding of self and relational competencies - being able to see, understand and effectively deal with challenges - is key to a rewarding leadership, as well as a more balanced personal life. 

Successful leadership also requires a sharpen understanding of the emotional and strategic personal drives of others, along with their self-interest. Executive Coaching is an essential partner In today's competitive and fast changing world. It enables leaders to lead, assess risks, evaluate new opportunities and motivate their team through strategic changes.

The sessions are either face to face or held over Skype, Face Time, Viber or phone. They can be done in English, French or Italian.

Most common Executive Coaching goals

  • strategic leadership

  • executive presence/charisma

  • conflict management

  • sharing leadership/delegation

  • stress management/work-life balance

  • effective communication

  • strategic decision-making

  • emotional intelligence

  • embracing change

  • managing diversity

  • team & people development

These skills involve people and require mastering deep levels of communication, insightful understanding of emotional and strategic personal drives of others, along with their self-interest.


  • CEO

  • C-Suite

  • SVP, VP

  • Senior Management


  • better stress management

  • increase self-awareness

  • enhance decision-making 

  • grow and improve performance 

  • reduce or eliminate blind spots

  • open to constructive feedback

  • reduce the likelihood of failure and premature burnout

  • clear view on priorities

  • higher confidence in the direction

Creative Talent Coaching

inspiration is unlimited, tap into it

Creativity requires courage and a safe space to grow. It needs continuous nurturing to expand, curiosity to explore, a beginner’s mind to be marvelled. 

An open environment in which creative talents can thrive is of benefit not only to the creative team but also the brand as in general. Attracting the best creative talents and enabling them to amplify their abilities to greater levels will provide a unique experience to the entire group.

Each brand is unique.

Each talent is unique.

Creative Directors and Head Designers need constant support to regularly refresh their vision & soft skills. Managing increasing internal pressure with high input of creativity is a delicate balance. They need tools enabling them to reinforce the creative space with more self-assurance and presence.

Coaching is to support creative talents in

  • overcoming creative blocks

  • exploring deeper creativity

  • thinking bigger & becoming more productive to put forth creative ideas

  • overcoming doubts, anxieties, and worries blocking the creative flow

  • optimising the work and setting targets

  • becoming visible in the work place and better presenting creative ideas

  • balancing commercial and creative aspects


  • creative directors

  • ready to wear designers

  • accessories designers

  • fabric R&D

  • studio managers

  • pattern makers

  • architects

  • visual merchandising team


  • better stress management

  • bigger dreams, less fear

  • greater creativity & concentration

  • enhanced communication

  • safer creative space

  • higher openness, trust and involvement

  • increased passion and engagement

  • happier creative team

  • outstanding clarity