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Immunity to Change
One to One Workshop

Why healthy decisions we take about our health, finances, relationships or work don’t get as far as we would like them to? What stands in the way?

This workshop will help you understand your own functioning and discover the hidden habits and beliefs that forbid you in getting to your desired dreams.

Efficient Communication
One to One Workshop

We are constantly communicating with ourselves and others. Often, this communication comes from unconscious fear and feeling of separation. 
The aim of these 2 x 2 hour online workshop is to share the damages of unconscious communication as well as acquire tools of an open, productive and clear communication. 

One to One Workshop

Meditation is an efficient tool to enhance focus and concentration. Tasks will be done faster and with a higher quality whilst we will feel energised and not depleted by them.
These one to one online classes help each person overcome specific limitations in learning how to meditate. We are all different and our minds are agitated to various degrees. Having personal meditation sessions will enable a faster and deeper progress in learning how to focus.