Upcoming Events


Better Life - online workshop
Starting August 1st, 2018

Anxious, stressed, unhappy, incessant flow of thoughts, lack of self-worth....do these ring a bell? We are beings of habits and restrict our lives through resistance to what is.

This workshop will help you understand your own functioning and gives you tools to apply in your every day life. 

Happiness and as better life are possible and at your reach. 

Meditation à Paris
Pre-registration Juin 2018

La méditation est un voyage de l'activité vers le silence. C'est une technique qui vous permet de vous installer de calmer le cerveau d e créer plus de calme. Jusque'à ce que vous rencontrer
le pur silence intérieur.

Meditation in Amsterdam
Pre-registration June 2018

Meditation is a journey from activity into silence. It is a technique that allows you to settle into quieter and quieter levels of awareness until you experience the pure silence within.