Immunity to Change Series


In these series we concentrate on why healthy decisions we take about our health, finances, relationships or work don’t get as far as we would like them to? What stands in the way?

These series will help you understand your own functioning and discover the hidden habits and beliefs that forbid you in getting to your desired dreams.




5 one hour sessions (1 sessions per week). 

Discover a path to freedom through the Immunity to Change method of transformation. There is a hidden, internal dynamic “protecting” you from the changes you most desire to make; we call this the “immune system.”

This methodology is developed by Dr. Robert Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey from Harvard. It is designed to help individuals, teams and organisations attain deeply sought changes by bringing this internal unconscious resistance to change to light.


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Option 1: Immunity to Change Workshop - 450€



  • handbook on the course


These sessions are done via skype, whatsapp, imo phone. It is one to one in order to suit your busy agenda.