Private Meditation Classes

create focus & alert attention

Meditation is a simple practice enabling us to relax and get rid of fatigue and stress. Research shows that It highly benefits our health. People who meditate regularly have less hypertension, stress related problems and anxiety. They are also less prone to depression, lack of concentration and immune system illnesses.

The aim of meditation is to transform the mind, bringing it to a state of inner peace and focused attention. It creates the fertile ground for an alert form of awareness. An awareness with which we can consciously engage in our everyday life. It helps us to clear space and to get in touch with our core life force, a deeper-rooted form of intelligence that holds us connected with all that is. This inner transformation provides us an overview of our lives, as well as enables us to identify and address our mental and emotional states. A profound sense of stability is created from within.

Meditation essentially helps to quiet the mind, freeing us from the mental coflict that encourages suffering. It is the practice of being well. The benefits of can be observed in as short as a few days.

The sessions are held over Skype, Face Time, Viber or phone. They can be done in English, French or Italian.

Group Meditation Classes

Interaction with others during an on-line or face to face workshops is extremely enriching. We all face the same issues and discover creative ways to overcome them. Togetherness is an incredible motivator to deepen our meditation session