Private Online Meditation Classes

Meditation is an efficient tool bringing more focus and concentration to our life. Tasks will be done faster and with a higher quality whilst we will feel energised and not depleted by them.
These one to one online classes help each person overcome specific limitations in learning how to meditate. We are all different and our minds are agitated to various degrees. Having personal meditation sessions will enable a faster and deeper progress in learning how to focus. 

Here are each workshop's themes:

  • Relaxation: Series of Meditation to Relax the Body (4 sessions)

  • Calming the Mind: Series of Meditation to calm the flow of thoughts (4 sessions)

  • Focus: Series of Meditation to sharpen the Focus (4 sessions)

  • Chakars: Series of Meditation to unblock the Chakras (8 sessions)

  • Body Focus: Series of Meditation to stimulate te body (4 sessions)

  • Active Meditation: Bring Meditation in every action (4 sessions)

Each session is done via skype phone and lasts 30 minutes. 10 minutes discussion on how the exercises are unfolding and 20 minutes of a meditation session.

The sessions  are held via Skype Phone and can be done in English, French or Italian.

Offer yourself a weekly treat in the comfort of your home and at times that suit you best. Join me and acquire new habits that will enhance your quality of life.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to start your meditation practice. 

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Custom Made Workshops & Courses

While waiting for new workshops to be posted send me an email if you have specific needs and would like a workshop or a webinar about it. I will create online workshops to targeted towards your needs. I am sure many other readers will benefit from it. Don't be shy....get in touch.

I am a Chopra Center Certified Meditation Teacher.