September 29th & 30th, 2018


Do you have difficulties expressing yourself, passing through your message or making yourself understood?
Do you have issues communicating with your team members and having productive meetings?
Do you have the impression that meetings or discussions don't serve anything and issues remain unsolved?




These 2 x 2 hour online workshops are created to tackle your common communication issues and help you initiate new understanding & habits.

In Session One, I will explain how our brain function. We are seldom fully present in a discussion. Our understanding is an automatic perception of what is heard and not the original content.
We will discuss how this happens and how to become present.

In Session Two, we will delve in the heart of communication by observing our mindset, habits and body attitude.
I will provide you with tools and exercises that you can easily implement in your every day life. They will lead you to a new productive and effective communication.


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Option 1: Effective Communication Workshop & Life Coaching Session - 180€

1 hour Life Coaching Session with Mahasti over the phone, skype or whatsapp (value of 120€)

Option 2: Effective Communication Workshop - 120€



  • handbook on the course


This workshop is done online. Upon registration you will receive a link to join the workshop.
In case you can not make it love, the workshop will be available online for a month.