Creating A Better Life
-Online Workshop-



The pace of life is moving faster than we can adjust to. Thus we often face stress, hyper tension, burn out, unhappy relations and exhaustion. 

The aim of this workshop is to offer tools to create a better harmony in our every day lives. It is not necessary to change our jobs or relations to obtain a better life. It suffices learning how to create moments of harmony inside, to step back from stress and see the bigger picture.




4 one hour sessions held online Wednesday evenings starting September 12th. 
3 one hour Q&A sessions held online Monday evenings starting September 17th.

In Session One, I will introduce you to the basic principles of stress & how our mind functions.
We will then continue with the first tool and exercise it together.

In Session Two, we will discuss the role of habits and how they can block or unblock our lives. 
We will then continue with the second tool and exercise it together.

In Session Three, we will discuss our perception. How we perceive ourselves and other and our relationship to both.
We will then continue with the third tool and exercise it together.

In Session Four, we will learn how being open and receptive instead of resisting and being in a fight or flight mode will make our lives so much easier.
We will then continue with the fourth tool and exercise it together.


Join the Program Today

Option 1: Better Life Workshop & Life Coaching Session - 300€

1 hour Life Coaching Session with Mahasti over the phone, skype or whatsapp (value of 120€)

Option 2: Effective Communication Workshop - 240€

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  • handbook on the course
  • one Q&A online session per week (every Thursday)


This workshop is done online. Upon registration you will receive a link to join the workshop.
In case you can not make it love, the workshop will be available online for a month.